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Not for Sale - EP


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Making love to Droids (free) 01:26
MAKING LOVE TO DROIDS Deep blue eyes / the cheeks so warm / speaking words of closeness / promise they won’t mean any harm / betrayed / by droids swayed / this mimicry / outclasses reality / reality / human imperfection / perfected technically / most desireable reaction / to creation‘s crowning glory / mankind getting sedated / by the spirits they’ve cited / and it feels save and warm / through the senses of a worm / they won’t mean any harm / they won’t mean any harm / they won’t mean any harm / and they won’t know your name
Not for Sale (free) 02:26
NOT FOR SALE How much for your soul, for your innocence? / You got to repay the credit of your adolescence! / You get paid to die in the system’s immortality / So swap our middle-class income for your nights of Erna’s Ski! / I see the brew of lies / you want us to inhale / This is not for sale! / Ihr seid Haufen Scheiße / von denen ich keinen wähl! / We don’t bring in the news what we don’t want you to know / Because those who tell the truth will reap just what they sow / We got the blind faith of the crowd that doesn’t glean / they are the fuel that gets burned in a machine / I will keep telling you again and again!
Mobtaxi (free) 01:20
MOBTAXI Grober Unfug / im Auswärtszug / im Mob drin / zur Demo hin / Im Menschenpferd / zu dem Konzert / mit Glasflaschen / zum Ausschenken / MOB / TA / XI
Feit Beck! (free) 01:49
FEIT BECK! We start to see red / adaption / We start to see red / infiltration / We start to see red / exploitation / We start to see red / It's time to fight back / we are frustrated / It's time to fight back / no more ignorance / It's time to fight back / close the door / It's time to fight back / Straight Edge, anti-capitalism / music-style, animal protection / You appropiate what's not your own / A good affair will be bad / cause you have to contaminate it / Don't allow it. Blow up the door / Smash' em down. Say no to hatecore! / Stop the superficiality / We're more than a non-political music scene / Open your eyes, your mind and you will see / Nothing will change if you shout "unity" / UNITY / No more Nazi shit in our scene / it's time to fight back! / Don't allow it, smash' em down / Destroy their fucking scene / Open your eyes and you will see / Destroy their fucking scene.
Fat Mike (free) 01:54
FAT MIKE We live in a world crowded with beauty / without individuality / they say like one has to look / what is nicely and what is gross / Fulfill the norm ‘til your last breath / And diet your self to death / In Hollywood there’s no decline / You may ask Doctor Frankenstein / The world is reigned by a beautycraze / prettiness at any price / i dont need your beautycraze / i ain't no pretty boy / Silicone, botox, liposuction / human race is under construction
ALWAYS TROUBLE WITH MR. POO I don’t understand, why it doesn’t disappear / I don’t understand why I must wipe my ass so long? / Thousand times up and down / The loo paper is empty soon / My ass is quite quite sore / And shit still sticks there
Humanoid Liars (free) 02:10
HUMANOID LIARS you're so noisome you're like a sickness / your attendance brings me down / your open mouth displaces the truness / it's the truness i need to breathe / When I look into your eyes / i see the grudge you try to hide / Revealing what you bear in mind / can’t be to your advantage / We can’t trust you humanoid liars / you play us off against ourselves / answer for the damage and get out / Get out of this Planet!!! / Crossed out all your weaknesses / And turned them into dust / The picture that’s left of yourself / Fills me with disgust / Keep lying again and again
My Point of Aim (free) 02:47
MY POINT OF AIM I hope you can forget / I hope you can forgive / I wonder when it all ends / I’m waiting for the sleep that heals / But it’s still the same / It's desperation what I feel / Tell me what I can do for you / Changing myself? / I try the best I can / This can not go on / Forgiveness / that's my point of aim / This is not the best time for us / it tears me apart internally / Everything' s so boring, senseless / senseless without you / I'm sorry about all the words i said / I didnt want to hurt you / Maybe it's too late / Now i'm feeling i'm feeling so bad / I give you all the time you need / I don't want to lose you / I think we need to start once again / Tell me if you feel you feel the same / ohhhhhhoooo / if you feel you feel the same / ohhhhhhoooo / i'm sorry i'm sorry my friend
Eduard (free) 01:30


released October 8, 2010


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POWER Kiel, Germany

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